Guinea Boffa Bauxite Mine Supporting Port Project Department Repairs the Roads for Local Communities
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On June 16, the Guinea Boffa Bauxite Mine Supporting Port Project Department repaired the roads for the local communities.
After learning about the regressive economy and travel problems of villages near the construction site, the project department staff took the initiative to assemble mechanical equipment and repair the roads for the local communities. Once the repairs were completed, the roads took on a whole new look, becoming two-lane flat roads the former winding paths. The community leader expressed his gratitude to the Project Department for their kindness. He said the road repairs made life easier for the villagers , and he hoped to maintain good communication with the project in the future and build a harmonious neighborhood relationship.
This repair has narrowed the distance between the Project Department and the community, established CHEC’s brand image in the local area, and it is of positive significance for the construction of a harmonious community and the smooth promotion of the project.

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