Sumbe Project Department in Angola Pays a Visit to Sumbe Children's Hospital
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On June 3, the Sumbe Project Department in Angola and the provincial government of Cuanza Sul, Angola visited the Children's Hospital of Cuanza Sul. Job Capapinha - governor of Cuanza Sul, Demetrio, deputy governor of Cuanza Sul and Boavida, mayor of Sumbe participated in this activity.
The project department has carried out a full investigation and study on the event; and after several communications with the provincial government and public figures of Cuanza Sul, the department provided the children of the local children's hospital with nutritious food, toys and health materials required by the children, improved the living conditions of the children's hospital, and established a long-term support relationship with this hospital. Mayor Boavida, on behalf of the government, expressed his gratitude to Sumbe Project Department and appreciated the Chinese-funded enterprises' integration into local development and contributions to the local public welfare undertakings.
This activity also reflects CHEC's active fulfillment of social responsibility and return to the local community. The Angolan state television, radio of Cuanza Sul and other media made interviews and reports on the event.

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