Hong Kong Zhenhua Won the Honor of“Caring Company” for Four Consecutive Years
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On March 25, “Caring Company - Partnership Expo 2015” was held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, and Hong Kong Zhenhua won the certificate of “Caring Company Logo 2014-2015” to commend the contribution of CHEC to Hong Kong’s public welfare undertakings in the past year.

Hong Kong Zhenhua has won the honor of “Caring Company” issued by Hong Kong Council of Social Service for four consecutive years. Adhering to the value of “realizing the responsibilities, returning to the society with a high quality and establishing win-win cooperation”, Hong Kong Zhenhua fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, loves social and public welfare undertakings, so it is recognized and praised by Hong Kong society in the aspects of “caring for community”, “caring for employees” and “caring for environment”, and it creates a good external environment for the enterprise operation and production.

Established by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims at encouraging the business sector and social service organizations to establish a mutually beneficial and close partnership, promoting the enterprises to fulfill the social responsibilities and care for the communities, employees and environment, and improve the social inclusion.

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