CHEC Cameroon Kribi Deepwater Port Project Won Praise of the Client
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On December 26, CHEC General Management Team of Cameroon Kribi Deepwater Port Project received the commendatory letter issued by the client committee, which highly praised the outstanding contribution of CHEC in the project construction process.

The client committee praised the successful completion of the project according to the requirements of the contract, spoke highly of the Company’s project contractual capacity, construction management level, HSE management level and the enterprise style of actively fulfilling the social responsibility, and hoped to keep a good cooperative relationship with CHEC in the follow-up projects.

The construction of Kribi Deepwater Port Project, as a landmark project of Cameroon, always attracts much attention of all sectors of society of this country. The smooth completion of the project wins public praise and lays a solid foundation for CHEC in Cameroon’s follow-up development and developing the surrounding markets.


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