CHEC in Macao Participated in Macao “Walk for Millions”
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On December 14, Macao held the 31st “Walk for Millions”, and over 40 thousand people from all circles of life walked forward for charitable together. All the employees of Macao Zhenhua Habour Engineering Company participated in this event and donated MOP 10,000 to the public welfare foundation.

Since its establishment in Macao, Macao Zhenhua actively participated in every year’s “Walk for Millions” and carefully organized this. All the employees in uniform walked in the team phalanx of “walk for charity”. Everyone was in good fettle and spirits and showed the company’s mental outlook and image of shouldering the social responsibility. All the employees participating in this event said this could not only arouse people’s love, but also could build up people’s body and that it was of great significance. They believed that this was the best gift for the 15th anniversary of return of Macao to the motherland.

“Walk for Millions” is an annual grand meeting hosted by Charity Fund From the Readers of Macao Daily News. The event aims to collect donations for the socially disadvantaged groups and the disabled, call on all walks of life to undertake the social responsibility and pay attention to the vulnerable groups. Every year, this event attracted a lot of enterprises and social organizations to participate, so it has a broad social influence in Macao.

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