CHEC Made Donations to Indonesia“PNIEL” Orphanage for Five Consecutive Years
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On October 18, Indonesia Office went to Jakarta “GEDUNG YAYASAN KASIH ORANG TUA PNIEL” Orphanage to express sympathy and solicitude for the aged and orphans there, donating foods and school supplies and one year’s tuition of ten orphans, amounting to 30 million Indonesian Rupiahs (about RMB 15,000 Yuan). This is the fifth consecutive year that Indonesia Office has made donations to this Orphanage, showing the good image of CHEC actively fulfilling the enterprise social responsibility.

In the speech at the donation ceremony, Indonesia Office stated that in the past 18 years CHEC had developed constantly, adhered to the value of “Realizing the responsibilities, returning to the society with a high quality and establishing win-win cooperation” and returned the support and friendship of Indonesian people. President of the Orphanage presented a “Love” Memorial Cup to express his thanks for the five-year’s assistance of CHEC and on behalf of the 17 children who were admitted to a university because of CHEC’s assistance and all the members of the Orphanage, wished that CHEC would be more and more prosperous.

This is the concrete action of the solemn promise Indonesia Office made at the Indonesia celebration party for the 30th anniversary of the founding of CHEC that “CHEC will donate tuition to ten orphans of Indonesia ‘PNIEL’ Orphanage until they graduate from high school”, and it interprets the good enterprise culture and noble morality. The websites of China News and People covered this event and the reports were forwarded to Baidu and Google; besides, the Chinese media in Indonesia also forwarded them.

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