Prime Minister, Andrew Holness of Jamaica Attends the Affordable Housing Project Signing Ceremony Undertaken by CHEC
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CHEC on October 15, signed a business contract for the Bernard Low-income Affordable Housing Project in Jamaica with the Jamaica Housing Department. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica, his Excellency Tian Qi, Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, representative of Jamaica Housing Department and Hu Zhimin, General Manager of CHEC American Regional Company attended this Signing Ceremony.
Prime Minister, Holness emphasized during his speech that, the Bernard Low-income Affordable Housing Project is an important livelihood project in Jamaica, and it is equally of great significance in improving the living conditions of the people and promoting the development of related industries. As an internationally renowned engineering contractor, CHEC has built and operated a series of important projects in Jamaica, such as the North-South Expressway, and had a good performance and reputation. He hoped that CHEC could effectively implement the Affordable Housing Project , continue to support the economic and social development of Jamaica as well as the improvement of its people's livelihood, and repay the trust of the Jamaican government and people with high-quality services.
The Bernard Low-income Affordable Housing Project is the first housing project undertaken by CHEC in Jamaica, and plans to build 1,650 low-income affordable housing units in five phases. Upon completion, this Project will greatly improve the living conditions of local residents, thereby going a long way in improving people's livelihood and promoting social harmony and stability.

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