CHEC Wins the Bid for Bogota Metro Line 1 Franchise Project in Colombia
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On October 17th, 2019, the Colombian President, the mayor of Bogota and the chairman of Metro Corporation jointly announced that the consortium of CHEC won the bid for Bogota Metro Line 1 Franchise Project in Colombia with the contract value worth 5.016 billion US dollars.
Bogota Metro Line 1 is 23.96km long in total with 16 stations will be built. CHEC will construct the project through the model of “integration of investment, construction and operation ". The project comprises mainly of investment, financing, design, construction, procurement, operation and maintenance, and its franchise period is about 28 years.
Bogota Metro Line 1 Project is the largest single project in Colombia. After its completion, the project will become the trunk line of Bogota's public transportation and the main artery of passenger transport. It will provide great convenience for the citizens’travel in Bogota, and have a far-reaching impact on the future urban layout as well as long-term development of Bogota.
In the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project, the investment project is the largest contract amount dominated by CHEC, and also the first breakthrough of CHEC in the integrated services of the whole life cycle of rail transit industry. The bidding organization of this project gives full play to CHEC's ability to allocate, dominate and coordinate high-quality global infrastructure resources and the Group's competitiveness in the infrastructure field. The successful winning of the project fully shows the strategic guiding power of "platform company+industry leading" of CHEC. This will drive the development of CHEC in the whole industrial chain of rail transit projects, promote the industrial upgrading of rail transit projects of CHEC, and enhance CHEC's brand influence in the Americas and even the world.

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