Lin Yichong Meets Li Donglin, Chairman of the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd.
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On October 10, MrLin Yichong, Chairman of CHEC met Mr Li Donglin, Chairman of the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co.,Ltd. and his delegation at the headquarters of CHEC, in the company of Yun Liang and Kong Qi, Vice President of CHEC, Xue Yong, Assistant President and General Manager of the Market Development Department of CHEC, and Niu Jie, Vice President of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co.,Ltd.
Mr Lin Yichong first welcomed Mr Li Donglin for his visit. He introduced the development history, the industrial development and the international business layout and other aspects of the Group and CHEC and focused on CHEC's development advantages and market position in rail transit, power energy, and industrial investment business. He equally said CHEC is willing to carry out industrial connection with the CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and cooperate with it in the field of rail transit.
Mr Li Donglin expressed his gratitude to CHEC for its warm reception and fully recognized CHEC's brand influence and comprehensive strength in the international market. He introduced the overall development of the CRRC Zhuoji in detail, hoping to deepen cooperation with the Company in rail transit, electric power, maritime engineering and other aspects, and to provide quality services for the Company in the domain of project promotion.
Equally present were relevant officials of CHEC General Office, Rail Transit Business Department and Procurement Department.

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