Mr. Tang Qiaoliang Meets with President Zhang Hong of the Second Harbor Engineering Company
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On the morning of August 15th, Mr. Tang Qiaoliang, President of CHEC, met with Zhang Hong - President of the Second Harbor Engineering Company and his delegation at the headquarters of CHEC, in the company of Yun Liang - Vice President of CHEC.
Mr. Tang Qiaoliang first expressed his sincere welcome to the visit of Zhang Hong and his delegation and introduced the recent cooperative bidding projects of both sides, hoping to give a full play to their respective advantages and to realize the multi-win benchmarking effect.
Zhang Hong on his part introduced the adjustment scheme of the overseas project management and control system and the implementation of some projects of the Second Harbor Engineering Company, hoping to strengthen the coordination between the two sides at a new starting point and as well to achieve win-win cooperation.
The two sides further exchanged views and had a particular discussion about the sustainable development and cooperation ways on the long-term layout, regional management, utilization of local resources and establishment of specialized shelf team vertical management in the future overseas business.
It is worth noting that the relevant personnel of CHEC Business Law and Compliance Department and Engineering Management Department were also present.

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