Liberian President George Weah Attends the Opening Ceremony of the Airport Project Constructed by CHEC
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On July 25, the Opening ceremony of Liberia's Roberts International Airport New Terminal Project constructed by CHEC was held. The occasion witnessed the presence of the following distinguished invitees: Liberian President George Weah and his wife, former President Sirleaf of Liberia; His Excellency Zhou Yuxiao – ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for issues concerning Forum on China-Africa Cooperation; His Excellency Fu Jijun – Chinese ambassador to Liberia and His Excellency Li Jiang – counselor of the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office; Deng Xigui – Deputy General Manager of the CHEC West Africa Regional Center and Zhang Tian – General Manager Assistant of this Center; the representative of the Export-Import Bank of China; relevant senior officials of the Department of State, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Transportation and Airport Authority of Liberian. Moreover, the number of people attending the ceremony reached 500.

In his speech, His Excellency Zhou Yuxiao highly acknowledged the crucial role of the Liberia's Roberts International Airport New Terminal Project constructed by CHEC in the economic and social development of Liberia. He said that the completion of the airport would significantly improve Liberia's aviation infrastructure, strengthen ties between areas in Africa and strengthen the friendship between China and Liberia. Next, China would continue to assist Liberia in various sectors including infrastructure, medical care, and communication to take bilateral friendly cooperation between both nations to the next level.

In his speech, President George Weah expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government, financial institutions and companies for their contribution to the completion of the airport project and announced that the Liberia's Roberts International Airport New Terminal Project was officially operational. He was proud of this and looked forward to greater achievements from the Sino-Liberia partnership in the next phase.

The construction of Liberia's Roberts International Airport New Terminal Project started on March 15, 2017, and the project was completed and handed to its owner on February 12, 2019. As an important achievement of the “Ten China-Africa Cooperation Plans”, the project’s completion set a successful example for the “Belt and Road” and South-South Cooperation, displayed Liberia’s comprehensive competitiveness in West Africa and even the entire continent, expanded CHEC’s influence in Liberia, and fully displayed China’s speed and portrayed her standards and image.

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