CHEC Wins Bid for Tuas Sewage Treatment Plant Section 2A Project in Singapore
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On July 9, CHEC won the bid for the Tuas Sewage Treatment Plant Section 2A Project in Singapore. The project belongs to the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore and has a contract value of about USD 491 million. In addition, its construction period is 75 months.
This project is the largest government project undertaken by CHEC in Singapore, and it is a solid step for CHEC to grow in the market of Singapore, develop new business and promote diversification. The successful winning of the bid will further improve the brand image of CHEC in the market of Singapore, its comprehensive competitiveness in the municipal environmental protection sector, and lay a solid foundation for it to create the group advantage and scale effect in other infrastructure projects in Singapore and the South Pacific region as well.

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