Mr. Lin Yichong Goes to CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. for an Inspection
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On June 29, Mr. Lin Yichong – Party Secretary and Chairman of CHEC, along with Wu Di – Vice President of CHEC and Xue Yong – President Assistant of CHEC and General Manager of Market Development Department of CHEC, went to CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRRC ZELC") for an inspection Important personalities of the Track Business Department, the Bidding and Tendering Department and the Engineering Management Department were also present at the occasion.
Zhou Qinghe - Party Secretary and Chairman of CRRC ZELC first welcomed Mr. Lin Yichong and his delegation, and also accompanied them on the tour to the Science, Technology and Culture Exhibition Center of CRRC ZELC, the National Engineering Laboratory, the Clean Workshop and Super Capacitor Production Line, the Locomotive Exhibition Hall, the Smart Manufacturing Workshop of Bogie Business Department, the Assembly Workshop, and the medium and low speed maglev vehicle and inter-city multiple units as well.
After the visit, both parties had a discussion, in which Zhou Qinghe fully recognized CHEC’s brand influence and comprehensive strength in the international market, and presented the development history, company profile and comprehensive strength of CRRC ZELC. He hoped to achieve win-win cooperation with CHEC in the international rail transit market. Afterwards, Fu Chengjun – President of CRRC ZELC presented the products and services and international market performance of CRRC ZELC, and mainly presented the information of the Maintenance Service Company in Southeast Asia.
Mr. Lin Yichong expressed his gratitude to CRRC ZELC for its warm reception and appreciated CRRC ZELC's achievements in the rail transit market at home and abroad. He presented CHEC's business layout in the global market, its investment and financing capacity, its major and super-large projects and its performance in rail transit projects. Meanwhile, he hoped that both parties would deepen industrial cooperation to provide more advanced technologies, more competitive schemes, products and services for the market, enhance comprehensive competitiveness and expand market share.
After the meeting, the both parties signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement.

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