The 7th Meeting of the 5th Board of Directors of CHEC Held in Beijing
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On the afternoon of June 29, the 7th meeting of the 5th Board of Directors of CHEC was held in Beijing. Lin Yichong - President of CHEC presided over the meeting, and the directors of CHEC attended the meeting. Besides, the management team members of CHEC in Beijing attended the meeting without voting rights.
At the meeting, reports were made on the main production and operation situation, production safety management situation and the overall development of investment business in the first half of 2019. Also, all the issues put forward at the meeting were deliberated and unanimously passed. Moreover, it was pointed out that in the past six months, under the leadership of the management team, CHEC had actively responded to various challenges and paid close attention to the implementation centering on the development goal, and that the achievements deserved affirmation.
Furthermore, it was required that, in the following work, CHEC should keep working harder with the assistance of all shareholders, seize opportunities, face challenges directly, and make every effort to ensure the successful implementation of annual production and operation goals which will greatly contribute to the overall development of CCCG’s overseas business.

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