Mr. Tang Qiaoliang Carries out a Series of Business Activities and Researches in Qatar
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From November 7 to November 8, a delegation led by Mr. Tang Qiaoliang, President of CHEC carried out a series of business activities and researches in Qatar, in the company of Mr. Xia Xinrui - President Assistant of CHEC and General Manager of the Middle East Regional Center.

On the morning of November 7, Mr. Tang Qiaoliang met with Ahmed Said - Minister of State of Qatar and Chairman of Free Trade Zone Management Committee. In combination with the Group's and CHEC's relevant industry fields, Mr. Tang expressed his willingness to establish a company at the Free Trade Zone and carry out researches on investment in relevant supporting industries, such as bus assembly and port machinery. Mr. Ahmed expressed his welcome and thanks to Mr. Tang for his visit, and introduced the development situation and preferential policies of the Free Trade Zone in detail. He kindly invited CHEC to register at the Free Trade Zone to development relevant businesses at the zone, and said he could provide support of green channel for CHEC. Besides, both sides exchanged ideas about the current progress, development plan, area selection and industry policy of the Free Trade Zone, and said they would support each other and try to construct the infrastructure project at the Economic Zone well, so as to lay a good foundation for the investment attraction of the Free Trade Zone.

On the morning of November 8, Mr. Tang Qiaoliang, on behalf of CHEC, signed MOU about port investment, construction and operation around the world with CEO Neville Bissett of Qatar Port Operation Company at the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Qatar. Both sides said they would actively give play to their respective advantages, select appropriate port in Qatar and surrounding regions to make joint investment, make project development roadmap and relevant time nodes and try to make the project constructed and realize a mutually beneficial win-win situation. His Excellency Li Chen - the Chinese ambassador to Qatar and Jassim Suret - Minister of Communications and Transportation of Qatar attended the ceremony.

At the press conference, Jassim spoke highly of CHEC's contract performance in Qatar, and said the signing of this MOU would further deepen the cooperation between the government of Qatar and CHEC. After the conference, Mr. Tang Qiaoliang and Mr. Jassim had a talk. They had an in-depth communication about Qatar New Port Phase II Expansion Project, Doha Bay Bridge and Tunnel Project and Subway Shuttle Bus Project and so on.

During the research, Mr. Tang Qiaoliang listened to the work report of Qatar Representative Office, Qatar Economic Zone Infrastructure Project Preparatory Group and East Expressway Project. He affirmed the current progress of various work of the Regional Center in Qatar and the preliminary preparation for the Qatar Economic Zone Infrastructure Project, and raised seven requirements for the future work: Firstly, hold a firm resolve to fight and win, try to maintain CHEC's brand image and be responsible for the past and future. Secondly, strengthen the resources input and preferential assessment, and provide a reference for the management of CHEC's overseas project in the new situation through the good contract performance. Thirdly, continue to consolidate the work achievements and try to solve the claim for compensation and tail-in work of the East Expressway Project. Fourthly, further do a good job in the establishment and positioning of project marketing value model. Fifthly, with the support of CHEC's “1+10+N” system, strengthen the exploration of allocation and assessment of staff in the Regional Center. Sixthly, continue to adhere to moderate marketization and high localization. Seventhly, in combination with CHEC's "13th Five-year Plan", further detail the existing "13th Five-year Sub-plan" and make a long-term strategic plan for development.

Responsible people of CHEC Engineering Management Department and Science and Technology Department were also present.

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