Mr. Liu Qitao Hold Talks with Minister of Transport and Minister of Public Works of Algeria
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From May 25th to May 26th, CCCC Chairman Liu Qitao had a talk with Dulermaged Tabuna – Minister of Transport of Algeria and Abul Delerkade Warri – Minister of Public Works of Algeria in Algiers, capital of Algeria, respectively.

Mr. Liu Qitao introduced the overall development situation of CCCC and its “CCCC with Five Main Fields” strategy. He said Algeria market had a great development potential, that CCCC would like to learn from the successful experience of China and other countries in the world, and from the perspective of economic and social development of Algeria, to give full play to its full-industrial chain advantage and fully support the infrastructure development and construction of relevant key projects of Algeria from technology, talent, equipment and management, and he hoped that the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Public Works of Algeria could continue to support and help CCCC.

Dulermaged Tabuna and Abul Delerkade Warri expressed their welcome to the visit of Mr. Liu Qitao. They affirmed the contribution of CCCC and CHEC to the port construction of Algeria. They said they would greatly support the construction of relevant projects.

Chen Zhong – General Manager of CCCC Overseas Business Department, and CHEC Chairman Lin Yichong and Vice President Yun Liang were also present.

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