CHEC President Tang Qiaoliang Called on Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister
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On the morning of July 7th, CHEC President Tang Qiaoliang and Vice President Bai Yinzhan called on Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who paid a visit to China at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

Mr. O'Neill confirmed CHEC’s contribution to the infrastructure construction of Papua New Guinea in recent years. He said CHEC’s business in Papua New Guinea grew fast, that its contribution was obvious and that CHEC had gradually become a well-known brand. He hoped that CHEC could well construct the projects in Papua New Guinea as always and participate in more infrastructure construction of Papua New Guinea in the future, especially assisting the government of Papua New Guinea to do well the financing work of relevant projects.

Mr. Tang Qiaoliang thanked Mr. O'Neill for his care and support for CHEC’s projects in Papua New Guinea. He said that Papua New Guinea had rich natural resources whose economic development grew fast in recent years, so it had a great potential, and that CHEC was willing to actively do well the infrastructure construction together with the government of Papua New Guinea, continue to fulfill the corporate social responsibility, create more jobs for Papua New Guinea and serve the local people. Besides, he briefly introduced CHEC’s global businesses and expressed his hope of looking for more investment opportunities in Papua New Guinea to help the economic development of Papua New Guinea.

Relevant officials of Papua New Guinea’s delegation to China and people in charge of CHEC South Pacific Regional Management Center of CHEC Papua New Guinea Office were also present.

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