CHEC Effectively Dealt with the Chaos Caused by War in South Sudan and Organized People to Evacuate Safely
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At 14:20, July 13th local time in South Sudan, as the fully-loaded plane took off at the Juba Airport, CHEC organized 72 Chinese people (3 of South Sudan Office, 10 of the Airport Project Department, 28 of CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., 14 of Jinghang’an, 10 of CCCC First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., 1 of The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation, 6 family members of the embassy’s officials) trapped in South Sudan to safely evacuate to Khartoum, Sudan.

On July 7th, in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, the armed guards of this country’s President and Vice President clashed and fought fiercely, leading to nearly 300 deaths successively. On the morning of July 10, the fight spread to the camp of the UN peace-keeping force nearby the Juba Airport and several artillery rounds landed nearby our Company’s Juba International Airport Project Department. The main leaders of the Company paid much attention to it, launched the emergency-response plan, contacted the front via phone and WeChat, and gave commands correspondently. Besides, they coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese embassy in South Sudan, the economic and commercial counselor's office and South Sudan Airport Administration, asking them to provide assistance and report the development and rescue situation of the front to CCCC. The leaders of the Group paid much attention to it and gave specific instructions. East African Regional Management Center immediately established the South Sudan Emergency Response Management Leading Group to organize the field response and evacuation on chartered airplane. The staff at the Juba International Airport Project Department prepared food, drinking water and medicine according to the plan and organized the personals to enter the consolidated steel plate container blindage in an orderly manner. With the efforts of multiple parties, at 13:00, June 13th, the charted airplane landed on Juba International Airport; at 14:20, all the people got on board and the airplane took off successfully, marking a success in the emergency evacuation in South Sudan.

The chaos wrought by war of South Sudan was sudden and the conflict was fierce, putting the employees in the front in great threat. In face of the crisis, the Company’s leaders gave instructions to guarantee the life safety of the employees with all the strength and tried every means to organize the evacuation, reflecting the idea of people foremost and employees’ life important. The headquarters, regional organization and project department together coped with it properly in time, realizing zero casualty and reflecting the efficient organization and coordination of the Company and its ability to cope with crisis. Besides, the Company also actively contacted and organized the staff of the brother units, subcontractors and the embassy to evacuate, worked out the organizing and leading ability as an overseas platform of the Group, which also reflected the commitment of the State-owned enterprises.

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