CHEC Signed the Contract for Mandra Highway Project under Jamaica Road Network Phase II
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On July 22nd local time Jamaica, CHEC signed the contract for Mandra Highway Project under Jamaica Road Network Phase II Project Package with the Ministry of Economic Development and Employment Growth of Jamaica. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica, Homington, Minister of Economic Development and Employment Growth of Jamaica, Niu Qingbao, the Chinese ambassador to Jamaica, her Excellency Fan Jianghong, the economic and commercial counselor, Yang Qiwu, Deputy General Manager of CHEC American Regional Company, and Liu Xiangang, Manager of Road Network Phase II Project attended the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, his Excellency Niu Qingbao gave a speech of congratulation, congratulating CHEC on making another breakthrough in the local engineering market after Jamaica South-North Highway was open to traffic and congratulating the government of Jamaica on selecting CHEC, a reliable contractor. He believed that the implementation of this project would become a good example of public-private partnership.

In his speech, Prime Minister Holness expressed his thanks to the Chinese government and enterprises for their efforts to the infrastructure development of Jamaica. In combination with his “unforgettable” experience of suffering traffic jam on Mandra Highway every morning when he attended university over 20 years ago, he explained the completion of this project was of important significance to relieve the traffic pressure of the trunk road, keeping the connecting line between Kingston Urban Area and Caymanas Industrial Park under planning and enhancing the economic efficiency of the whole society.

Jamaica Road Network Phase II Project Package is a government framework project of China and Jamaica and is the extension of Road Network Phase I Project completed in 2014, and Export-Import Bank of China provides concessional buyer’s loan for the Ministry of Finance of Jamaica. So far, Mandra Highway Project has been the largest sub-project under this project package.

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