CHEC 2016 New Employee Induction Ceremony was Held in Beijing
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On July 25th, the new employee induction ceremony and training opening ceremony of CHEC was held at the Century Hall on the third floor of Yu Yang Hotel. The leaders of the Company in Beijing, including Party Secretary Wang Jiayin attended the ceremony.

After hearing the brief self-introduction of every new employee, CHEC’s Vice President Bai Yinzhan, on behalf of the leaders of the Company, gave an speech, and put forward three requirements for the new employees: Firstly, they should actively make adjustment and integrate into CHEC; secondly, they should insist on learning to improve themselves; thirdly, they should be ambitious and make achievements in the future. He hoped that they could deeply understand the connotation of the Company’s strategy, follow the corporate spirit of “Inclusiveness, Integrity, Innovation and Dedication”, engage in the overseas business in a down-to-earth manner with high spirits, full passion and innovation, and realize the goal of “take pride from the company and make it even better”.

The 62 new employees participating in the training are mainly from 32 domestic and foreign colleges, including Dalian University of Technology, Tianjin University and Hohai University; and among them, there are 2 doctors, 42 masters and 15 international students, and 50% of them are Party members. This training lasts 12 days. Through the lectures of responsible people of relevant departments and offices of the Company’s headquarters, it publicizes 13 items, including strategic planning, corporate culture, human resources, and rules and regulations of the Company, making the new employees comprehensively and deeply feel the corporate culture, know the rules and regulations and get familiar with the working procedures. After the training, the new employees will accept talent assessments and gave a feed-back performance.

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