President of Madagascar Hery Inspected Airport Road Upgrading Project
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On August 13th, a delegation led by President of Madagascar Hery inspected the Madagascar Airport Road Upgrading Project constructed by CHEC, with the company of her Excellency Yang Xiaorong, the Chinese ambassador to Madagascar. The Xinhua News Agency and several mainstream media of Madagascar made follow-up reports of it.

At the project site, the delegation inspected the project construction situation, watched the project propaganda video and listened to the report on the project progress. President Hery expressed his thanks to the Chinese government for its support for the project implementation and appreciated the rapid progress of the project and the good image of CHEC in the local place. He pointed out that this project would effectively relieve the traffic pressure from the airport to the downtown of the capital, and serve the 16th Alliance Francaise Summit held in the end of 2016. At the same time, the implementation of this project would create huge employment and training opportunities for the local, and the friendship between the two countries would be deepened by this project. At last, he wished the project a successful completion.

Ms. Yang Xiaorong, on behalf of China, welcomed President Hery. She said they would fully support CHEC, the constructor, to build a high-standard and high-quality road and better promote the local economic development.

It is learned that the key sub-projects such as roadbed, bridge and culvert had been basically completed, that the pavement construction would start as planned, so it could meet the requirements of being open to traffic before the Alliance Francaise Summit.

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