The Commencement Ceremony of Angola Road Rehabilitation Project was Held
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On the morning of August 30th local time, the commencement ceremony of Angola National Highway 100 Rehabilitation Project was held in Cuanza Sul Province. Minister of Construction of Angola, governor of Cuanza Sul Province, director of Road Bureau of Angola, local media reporters, and representatives of three construction enterprises – CHEC, China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation and Qingjian Group attended the commencement ceremony. 

At the ceremony, the presenter first introduced the road section, contract amount and construction plan of the three companies. Then the representatives of the construction units signed the order to commence the project with the representative of the project employer–Road Bureau of Cuanza Sul Province, respectively.  

The sections that CHEC won include the road from Longka River Bridge to Kewee River Bridge in Cuanza Sul Province, Angola, the section from Kewee River Bridge in Cuanza Sul Province to Sumbe, and the section from Aiva River Bridge to Lobito. The launch of this project will greatly improve the road system of Angola and drive the local social and economic development.

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