Macau LRT No. 23 Station Successfully Passed the Acceptance Inspection
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On August 25th, Macau LRT No. 23 Station constructed by Macau Zhenhua Company successfully passed the joint acceptance inspection organized by the project employer Transportation Infrastructure Office of Macau and the contractor of Macau LRT system Japan Mitsubishi, which marked that the Macau LRT C370 Project ran ahead of other sections, and completed the comprehensive handing-over of the first LRT station. 

Macau LRT No. 23 Station is a dangling station with a double-layer structure consisting of the platform layer and ticket layer; inside the station, there is mechanical and electrical room, ticket office, equipment room and toilet, and the construction involves in several specialized engineering, including civil engineering, decoration, electromechanical engineering and fire protection. As the principal part of the civil engineering of the first station got completed, through multi-party coordination and active financing, the project steadily promotes the construction work and acceptance inspection at the site, contributes to the construction of follow-up system contractors of the station, and is praised by the units like the employer.

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