Jamaica's Prime Minister Inspected South-North Expressway Project
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On October 28th , Jamaica’s Prime Minister Simpson-Miller, accompanied by his Excellency Dong Xiaojun—China’s ambassador to Jamaica and his excellency Commercial Counselor Liu Lei, inspected South-North Expressway Project in Jamaica undertaken by CHEC and expressed warm greetings to the Chinese and Jamaican employees working at the production line.


At the construction site, Ms. Simpson-Miller listened to the report on the project overview, construction progress and project culture in detail. She fully affirmed the work of CHEC and the project department. She said to the reporter, “This is a very good trip. This project does not only drive the economic development along the line, but also provides a full guarantee for the better development of this region.”

Ms. Simpson-Miller expressed her thanks to CHEC for its providing more than 1000 employment opportunities for local people. Jamaican workers could directly apply what they learned in the daily work while learning new skills. “Jamaica is bound to benefit a lot from this project,” said she.

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