CHEC Participated in Angola Transportation Industry Expo and Won Awards
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From November 21 to November 23, Angola Transportation Industry Expo was held in Luanda and over 60 enterprises from Angola, China, the USA, the UK, Portugal and Brazil gathered here. At the invitation of Ministry of Transportation of Angola, Angola Regional Management Center, on behalf of CHEC, participated in the Expo and won the Best International Exhibitor Award issued by the organizing committee.

During the exhibition period, CHEC exhibition area attracted the attention of visitors from all walks of life. The whole exhibition area employed “CHEC blue” as the base color, used light box drawing board to show CHEC’s strength. Through playing the situation of the projects constructed by CHEC in Angola on video screen, the exhibition showed CHEC’s good project quality, high technical content, strict safety and environmental standards and concern over social responsibility, which was widely acclaimed by the visitors. Mr. Tomás, Minister of Transportation of Angola, visited the booth of the Company and spoke highly of it. In the interaction, the client representative of Walvis Bay,Namibia, said he was full of confidence in the cooperation with CHEC. Angola Zap State Television and Mainstream Media Zimbo Television covered the Company live.

This Expo promotes the communication between CHEC and other enterprises in the industry, strengthens the understanding of Angola and its surrounding regions about CHEC, displays CHEC’s strength and enhances its brand influence. Angola Regional Management Center will do well the follow-up work, strengthen the publicity and further display CHEC’s presence.

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