Ground Breaking Ceremony was Held for Tseung Kwan O Biochemical Diesel Plant Project in Hong Kong
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A few days ago, ground breaking ceremony was held for Hong Kong Tseung Kwan O Biochemical Diesel Plant Project undertaken by CHEC. Fu Xiaolin as Deputy General Manager of Hong Kong Zhenhua company, Li Jin as Financial Director of Hong Kong Zhenhua and Anthony as the CEO of the Project Owner ASB Biological Diesel (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. shoveled earth together with other persons, which marked formal start of the largest biological diesel production project in Hong Kong.

The project contract amount is HK$ 504 million (equivalent to USD 64.63 million) and the project is expected to be completed in December 2012. The works cover building structures, installation of oil cylinders, oil pipe bridges, ornamentation and decoration as well as installation of electromechanical pump water systems (connected with administration building, plant buildings, FAT workshops, boiler room, oil tank area, sewage treating plant, grease isolation room and wharf). All exterior works cover underground drainage works, pavement works, external wall works and installation works relating to production and treatment.

The project is a carbon emission reducing and energy saving project. Waste cooking oil and other recycled grease are made into biological diesel to replace mineral diesel. Biological diesel has already been widely produced and used in European and American countries while Hong Kong has only taken initial steps. After the project is launched into production, 100,000 tons of biological diesel will be produced every year.

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