The main tower of Penang Second Bridge was completed
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The concrete casting of No.24 pylon on the P25 main pier for the Penang Second Bridge, Malaysia was completed smoothly recently, and the main tower was capped successfully. So far, the works of main tower of the Penang Bridge have been finished thoroughly, laying a good foundation for the overall victory of the Project.

The main tower of Penang Second Bridge is of the H-shaped combined straight tower, which is composed of lower pylon, beam, upper tower and spire. The height is respectively 93.6m for bridge tower, 27.64m for lower pylon, 5m for beam and 60.96m for upper pylon. The pylon adopts the hydraulic self-ascending mold system, while the beam is constructed via the large landing steel tube support. The smooth capping of the main tower created the favorable conditions for erection of the stayed-cables and the construction of cradle bracket.

The Project Department completed the construction of main tower effectively via the scientific organization, considerate plans, unified coordination and progressive spirit against difficulties, though it faced the pressure of construction duration and crack resistance to high temperature. The main bridge is in the phase of suspension of stayed-cables and construction of cradle bracket.

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