Opening Ceremony was Held for Berth 69 Project of Yanbu Industrial Port of Saudi Arabia
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Grand opening ceremony was held for steel pipe pile construction of Berth 69 Project of Yanbu Industrial Port of Saudi Arabia on September 13.

The ceremony was attended by Zahrani (transliteration) as Deputy Director of the Port Authority of Yanbu Industrial Port of Saudi Arabia, Omar as representative of the Project Owner, Chen Yangui as Deputy General Manager of CHEC (Saudi Arabia) and Wang Zheng as the executive director of Berth 69 Project.

On behalf of the Project Owner, Deputy Director Zahrani said CHEC was efficiently and professionally providing the best infrastructure contracting services for the people of Saudi Arabia as a world-renowned international engineering contractor. He believed the Owner and the Contractor would make concerted efforts to accomplish a model project.

On behalf of the Contractor, Chen Yangui said CHEC would closely cooperate with the Owner, properly complete construction with desirable quality and quantity, offer an excellent project to the people of Saudi Arabia and bring honor to the brand “CHEC”.

The first steel pipe pile was constructed and driven on the site after the ceremony. After nearly two hours of construction and driving, the first pile penetrated into the soil layer by 16m, which marked smooth commencement of Berth 69 Project of Yanbu Port.

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